Church Giving Project 2017

Dear congregation,

As you are aware, at St Luke’s we run a monthly initiative known as the “Church Giving Project”. Our aim is to serve our neighbours in the world whenever, wherever and however we can.

Last year we as St Luke’s church supported a charity called “Mercy Ships.”

On 18 September last year we were joined at church by a guest speaker, who has served multiple times on one of the “Mercy Ships” in Africa, providing physical and spiritual care to the poor and suffering there. In September, we raised $718.75 for Mercy Ships, as part of our total giving for the year (2016), which was $5,542.85.
Tuesdays on National Geographic People channel 628 (or here: at 7:30pm a documentary series is showing about the work done by Mercy Ships. It is part of an 8-week series about the charity. Please feel free to watch the documentary if you are able, to understand better the impact we as a church are making through this ministry.
Moving forward to this year: last Sunday we raised funds for the PresAID Easter appeal which is collecting money for the purpose of building a primary school for girls in Uganda. For the PresAID appeal we raised more than $400.
Here is the plan for our giving for the rest of 2017:
May: Collection for New church Bibles
Jun: Sunnyfield
Jul: Missionary in South Asia / China + guest speaker
Aug: Allowah Children’s Hospital
Sep: PIM (Pres. Inland Mission)
Oct: RTFA (Reformed Translation Fellowship Australia) + guest speaker
Nov: Allowah Children’s Hospital
Dec: TEARFund Australia