Onwards together “for I know whom I have believed …”

Assembly ’16 has come and gone – to God be the glory (2 Tim 1: 12)!

Your Minister, ably accompanied by our Administrator and Elder, Justin Ang, went, saw and wasn’t conquered. We stand firm in the conviction that our church is on the right road, the narrow road no less, wrought with adversity and even potential danger, but the right road none the less. It has to be. Remember, we are plotting our course on a road map found in God’s Word, the Bible!

Two overtures discussed at Assembly emphasized the importance of holding to the truth that unless we stand for something, we will fall for anything:

The first concerned our duty, as Jesus’ Church in the world. We are to be a welcoming, forgiving as we have been forgiven, guiding church, for the common good of God’s creation and His creatures. In the climate of competition on every front, contests often times without any velar winners, accepting God’s guidance Assembly came to the decision that we should never forget who we are – the people of God through whom grace and mercy is displayed. In an age in which we are not progressing, but digressing (you better believe it!) we should reflect the warmth of God’s love from heaven, into a world growing colder every day. The world at war with Faith may not know it, but it will freeze to death, even as it does half- hearted star jumps to try and stay warm: love is not free! It costs the ones who love; we do not determine our destiny any more than we can change our sex – and both are pre-determined by God alone; as Church we ought not withdraw from this world. Yes, we dare not chop of the enemy’s ear, instead, we must! speak healing words, founded on The Word, He who commanded Peter to put away his sword (Matt 26: 52)

The other was a more church-internal overture concerning the office of Elders and of our Session. Friends, again, in God’s mercy and love alone, I believe we are on the right road. We have not arrived yet, but we are progressing, guided by the pillar of cloud of the protection of God’s love by day, and by night the bright light of the pillar of fire of God’s righteousness (Ex 13: 21). We are together committed to learn and to teach and we will together re-commit to be a bible-directed eldership, leading a bible-believing church (1 Tim 5: 17; 1 Tim 3: 2; Acts 20: 17, 28-31; James 5: 14). May God be merciful and equip and empower us to continue growing in Him. – CN