“Free” to choose ~ The attack on “guilty” or “innocent”

Sometimes the choices that we make, make us want to avoid the mirror, don’t they? You may know the feeling! You catch a glimpse of your image as you (and I!) pass by a mirror, and you think: “How could I? Who am I …?”!

Some Pastors still sometimes see this: A man sits in the better chair in the Minister’s Study, and says in a broken voice, “I don’t know what got into me.” Sometimes, it is a woman, a wife, “That is so not who I was raised to be…”

But not often anymore! Why, after all, would anyone want to face-up to our inner-Prosecutor? After-all, there is no right or wrong anymore in this enlightened age! Each person is free to choose their own “good” or “bad”! Indeed, each person is free to decide not only what is right or wrong for him- or herself, they/we claim the right to choose whether he (we? she? us?) is (are? am?) a whatever. It may even choose to be/bee an alien. “Right” and “wrong,” “boy or “girl” is so yesterday!

“So …” (sic), as ( – ) decides what it wants to be, the chosen jury it turns out, chooses to remain lovingly non-judgmental … but in a judgmental kind of a way: “What we saw happen in Orlando (last weekend) was an attack on freedom!”; and all the while our media editors cut and splice the daily news, breaking copyright laws on the prime colours in nature, cutting and pasting it to be the scoop halo above the guru’s head, the guru who declares: “We are pro-choice…” Whose choice exactly?

I wonder, is it really possible to walk past a mirror, naked as we find ourselves in conscience – and in the flesh, and as we are confronted by ourselves, then still able to argue a case for innocence against the charge of our revealed, profoundly selfish nature? And when our plea fails, as it always does, what then? Take heart! The truth is, Jesus pleads for us in Mitigation! Jesus, Son of the great “I Am!” the Maker of heaven and earth, and Maker of mankind and womankind, the way God chose us to b;, and Maker of a sign, like a rainbow, as a promise (The Bible) He is as Loving as He is Just! He is the God who Chooses! – cn