New Preaching Series!

At St Luke’s Church Roseville, we are currently considering God’s revelation to and for His people as we listen for His voice and Instructions for us, as given us in the book of Deuteronomy.

Together, I believe, we are currently growing in awe-struck wonder under God’s Word, as we become fellow-travelers with Israel, no less, in God’s promised presence. We are on a journey towards the Promised Land – and you can still be part of it. It is not too late! Please join us on Sunday – we have a spot saved for you and your loved ones!

To those who have been out there in the Sinai desert with us, figuratively speaking, over the past two weeks, may I ask, please, to what degree have you been amazed by the unfolding reality (and scenery! of the revealed truth that God is Almighty God, Creator of Heaven and Earth? Are you starting to see that He made us for a purpose, to praise Him and worship only Him and to be a blessing to a world lost and confused by the many Idols they adore?

As we travel through this book in which God’s character is revealed in the Law that He has given Israel and us, is a clearer picture of God developing for you? Are you starting to see what it means when we learn or re-learn that God is the God of Love and Justice – and that for you and I to be right with God, God’s love has to be perfectly balanced by God’s Justice – for your sake and mine and to God’s glory alone? This is the stuff of God’s promises and His character: God is faithful!

Are you starting to see that God is the God of our salvation: just as He saved Israel from the land of slavery, from Egypt? In Jesus we are saved from our slavery, our sin, and we too can look forward to that Promised land?

I can sympathise with Moses! One can imagine what he must have felt like during that last month of his life, as portrayed in Deuteronomy. There he was with Israel assembled around him, and it all feels a bit like a case of deja vu: Once before God had brought them to the borders of the promised land, and Israel lost their trust, their confidence, their awe in God. And the result? God sent them to their naughty corner, the desert – for forty years! – to ponder their lack of trust – and now they were finally allowed back out again. Now Moses needs to have them see the error of their ways before they will mercifully be enabled by God to take possession of the promised land. Will they trust Moses this time, and more importantly, will they fully trust God? And so what we have in Deuteronomy, is Moses preaching three sermons to hopefully achieve just that. And the clock is ticking … Such is the nature of a minister’s work!

Moses probably felt like many ministers do as they minister to God’s people. Called to serve God’s people, to God’s glory alone, ministers know the stubborn, self centered hearts of God’s people – just as they know their own hearts to be so inclined, too! – and here we are, with time running out, tasked to explain to people who this God is – who has brought us safely thus far – and how He will lead us home, true to His promise that soon we will inherit the new heavens and the new earth. – and already, again there are mutterings and doubt …

What will the outcome be for Israel, and what will the outcome be for you and me? I know … and I know you know, don’t you? But … don’t take my word for it here. Come Sunday and become part of the journey again, which started about 3300 years ago, and which continues even now! (See? It is not too late!) Come and see and taste (it is Communion Sunday this coming Lord’s day!) that God is good and true to His promises! Come and hear God say so through His word: His inerrant, infallible word!

— Corrie