Who am I really? The question with a “fluid” answer?

A person looks into a mirror and asks: “Who are you?’ Have you known such a moment? “Who am I? Who are you?” Well, in the words of Mercy Me’s song, Flawless, “Let me introduce you to …”

But not before we pause again before the mirror… “Here I am again, Lord … please help me find my true self…”

So, quietly we stand before the mirror, that mirror! That shiny, or sometimes not so shiny, polished surface which becomes an altar on which a sacrifice must be made – the sacrifice of the Self, it turns out: (btw, the picture in the masthead is that of a mirror from the first century): And in God’s grace alone, we bring our insufficient sacrifice: “Father, forgive me … I am weak, Lord, so weak in my Selfishness …”

Then suddenly (have you known the moment?) still sometimes self- pleasingly dazed and confused by the answers we may or may not have come up with, a stern accusation, and a reprieve, sounds from within: “Your confession is my gift to you! And with it comes your salvation! Now you know: you are what your Creator has made you to be, who He has made you to be, no more nor less, in His image and for His purpose. Such is the work of the Maker’s hands – and in Him alone, you are flawless again, part of my everlasting, God praising creation! “But how?” (that’s the Self trying to make sense of God’s love, again!) “By grace alone through faith alone!” (Ephesians 2: 8)

Slowly the mirage in the mirror becomes thankful, living realisation, the realisation of God’s purpose for the person in and before the mirror, for you and me – that that person – this person – is the mystery and the mercy of the love of Jesus! “I am God’s creation, by His choice alone!” In spite of the mess in the mirror, by believing this, I have become “Flawless” in God’s site, undeservedly, by the grace of Jesus alone, who washed away my impurity, my iniquity, when He carried the Curse on all who dared see themselves as Self-made, Self- determined in Their Selves! “No! I am … Amazing Grace! “Let me introduce you to Amazing Grace”! Here I am, Lord! It is me, Lord!

The age in which we live is a confusing age, but no more so than it has ever been since mankind turned against their Creator God, trying to determine or design their own identity – only to find ourselves being drawn back to that mirror, sometimes in our selfishness, like a moth to a flame! But, as for me … and you, in God’s grace – let me introduce you to … amazing grace! Surely, in God’s grace, we are not confused. – cn